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of developing a perfect brand identity

Audience Analysis

The logo is not used by you,
neither by your company. It
is used by your customers.
We do a great analysis about
your customer base before
starting the branding process
We tap in to your audiences
mentality and understand their
behaviors, cultural aspects and
their aspirations. We fine tune
the data we collect to key
personality traits and key words
that would help us to build
your brand identity stronger


Audience research is not
just enough. We do a research
about your business field and
your competitors, to armor up
your brand to stand against
the competition.
We also do a simple SWOT
analysis to find out strengths
and opportunities that your
company have, to enhance and
and emphasis them in
your brand identity.


After all considering every
key factor we enhanced by
Researching and analyzing,
our professionals start
brainstorming to brew a
unique idea for a logo.
We sketch for hours to filter
out the best ideas for your
brand. We do this with lots of
care as this is the most important
pat of the process.


After brewing the best ideas
for your brand we start the
final step. Using professional
software we give life to the logo.
Major design principles are
applied to the logo and
we focus on mathematical
factors such as Golden ratio
and Fractals to make closer
your logo to the nature and to
make sure it is perfectly balanced.
We choose typography carefully
with accordance to our data
that collected by analyzing and


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